How can we disable raid farms?

Hello everyone

Does anyone know how to disable raid farms and stop them from working? They are very very op and players can afk for infinite items andf totems.

Is this possible with paper?

Thank you for your help

Just disable raids with the gamerule. I forgot what the gamerule is, but it is there.

Thanks for the reply, but i would like to keep raids for normal players

I know I am a little late but maybe you still need help with that.
In the Spigot API there is a “RaidTriggerEvent”. By utilizing this event and a per player timer it would be possible to have Raids on a cooldown which would also nerf raid farms.

Basically whenever a player starts a raid a internal cooldown is started and in that time the player cannot start another raid.

If you are still in need of this I could write you this plugin.

Hello and thank you for your reply. Sadly i do not know how to code!. :frowning_face: