How can i fix memory leak on my server?

Hello! My server RAM rises all the time. I propably have a memory leak :confused: Can someone help me in repairing that? I don t know a lot about memory leaks and plugins ram usage. My server is on 1.14.4

i cant tell if i have the same issue but i just used the clearlag plugin located at , once you install it you just do /lagg gc to clear any memory is being used up, or just restart the server every once in a while. i cant tell if i have this issue but i use this if the memory gets high. i use this on my paper server also if you want to come see it.

Unless you’re actually having issues due to the memory usage increasing, it’s likely a non-issue; The only way to diagnose a memory leak is to look into taking/analyzing heap dumps;

clearlags gc command is also dumb, the JVM already runs GCs as needed and does a better job of handling it than you can