Hmm some people on server are complain about lag but i cant really see problem

is 600 entities lot? do have SAML and villager optimizer on server

SAML is causing spikes…

when i remember that before i added saml because someone on server had farm with 60 sheeps casuing 1,600 ms entity tick

so i dont really blame SAML causing lag spike to nerf mobs tick. i wonder if there is plugin that limit about animals in area

i guess i better msg developer of SAML about it maybe he knows what can do

You had 36 sheep in that screenshot. That clearly wasn’t a count problem.

Something those sheep were doing was causing the issue.

running spark profiler while it happens would help identify what those bad sheep are doing and then give us link.

i am gonna try that i just have to recreated all sheeps since one player killed of most sheeps in that specific area

i cant make new topic so i posted here sorry. this error occurs and my server lagged. every 8-10 minute

first of all you may want to update your papermc file and provide either timings or plugin list since it seems more like plugins problem

i thinking it was those one in moment of cases after removing saml again and testing with sheep area not it not giving tps spike anymore i will close it this for now