High ping | 20 TPS | 300+Mbps | HELP

I have an issue with PING

I can’t find why the server ping gets that high all the time. Server doesn’t lag (20TPS 95% of the time with any amount of players). Maybe someone has some ideas about it?

Testing download speed…
Download: 187.62 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 168.74 Mbit/s


I know that it’s ping, because from game it lags, but running commands in console it responses instantly

Use BungeeCord .

Why? Will it help?

I had that problem 5 years ago and I solved it using BungeeCord.

Tried it, didn’t help

I think you’ve got the focus on the wrong thing, you’re talking about speed here.
I could host my server on a gigabit uplink but if the packet loss is high it doesn’t really matter.

You’ve only posted the speed of your network. It would be great to see the actual quality of it. You can do this by for example using trace routing to a stable host.

It would be interesting to see the results of the commands below.

ping (or
traceroute (or


Everything is good with the network. It was plugin: Horizon. This plugin causes high ping, don’t recommend it.

There was 0 packet loss or similar

Great to hear!