High CPU usage when 7 players joins

Hello, I have a paper server (version 1.16.3) hosting in serverpro (6GB plan) and when 7 or more players joins, the cpu usage gose to 100% and then the server lags and all of us have 5k ms cause of that. Can anyone suggest a solution for this?

Timings: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=a1094c0ca2e84467a15c44d9be0dfaa2#timings (Keep in mind that those timings are reported 1 week ago, since then I made some changes such us using aikar’s flags and changed the XMX and XMS values. And… I haven’t resolve the “lag” problem yet).

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since then i made some changes

1.16.3 is no longer supported, I heavily suggest upgrading to an actually supported version of the software, such as 1.17.1, 1.16.x as a whole is basically dead; beyond that, we’d actually need updated timings rather than wasting our time looking at an old report

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Ok, an updated version of 1.16.x is 1.16.5 I guess (I’m not sure if I am able to change the server version without breaking some plugins)
Anyway I will send a new timings report when 7 or more players will join again my server because right now the timings are good I guess.

Timings right now (I think those stats are good): https://timings.aikar.co/?id=aa485791434346b0b399f7ae00f92fe9

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Now I got 2 new timings report, can you tell me where all of the lagg comes from?


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I know 1.16.3 isnt supported, but I took a look at your newest timings and I immediately noticed that 1 plugin takes almost the entire tick to complete. I think you should remove the Chunkhopper Plugin (which is the heaviest plugin according to the timings) and better search for an alternative. It is just a recommendation which I can draw from the timings.


Thanks for your answer, I have fixed the lagg of the server. The main reason was the host, cause I had tried it before without this plugin. (Now all works fine with timings)

BTW how do I close this thread?