High CPU (150% usage) and 10 TPS


hi, my name is davide and i have a lagg problem with my server Survival. Online help on how to optimize the server, I always have problems with lagg (loss of tps). The server uses only one core and the cpu is always above 150% even without online players.

timings report with 20 players online (13/12/18): https://timings.aikar.co/?id=c8047debc4f342178d48f1efc578f8fd

timings report with 15 player online (14/12/18): https://timings.aikar.co/?id=f7dc07f80da0475eab7c61576bc298bc

Screen of CPU usage:


Hi by looking at the timings I can say couple of things:
Entity: There is quite a bit of entities on your server with might work hard on server (Mostly boats)
LagMonitor: Looks like this plugin is number 1 of lagging your server xD

The other option is that your server is not strong enough. I am not saying about ram because you have enough of ram however I am saying may be processor. Try to remove lagging plugins and than see if the TPS and lags are improved.


Yea, it’s due to mobs. I have been in this situation. CPU strong, but the server still lags.
So I created a plugin for this issue that for me works fantastic.
It should work on all versions from 1.8 to 1.13.2 (Although 1.13.2 has some slowdowns, but worth it, because mobs cause 10x as much lag). You should see the performance boost right away without any mob cleaner. Just lower the bukkit.yml monster spawn to 20-30 (you will see as much mobs as with 70, but this plugin works in a way, that mobs you don’t need won’t spawn, causing it to spawn a heck ton of mobs where players can see)


I know this is irrelevant but you shouldn’t start your minecraft server as root because its bad practice. If there is an exploit or something and they gain access they can screw with your whole server instead of just the minecraft server.