Hi there, server crashing after about a week for an unknown reason

Hi there, my servers are crashing on paper after about a week for an unknown reason… If anyone would be able to help me understand, that would be brilliant… I do believe it is a paper issue but I may be mistaken!

Here is the log output which is similar across 3 servers


Please use sane paste sites like https://paste.gg/ or https://haste.athion.net/. This format is incredible hard to read. Generally, looks like your server is just overloaded. Update Paper and attach a /timings paste.

Thank you for a better website! I wasn’t sure where to paste the report. I also thought it may be overloading, however I have no issues for about a week and then suddenly in the space of about 30 minutes the server overloads and crashes which doesn’t make sense and so I am curious to know if there is another underlying problem… Thank you for the prompt response

here is the repost of the log, along with logs from 2 of my other servers (similar)

Put the timings paste link here, and whatever reloads your whitelist every seconds now and then does not good either. There’s no reason to spam reload it every few seconds.

Here is a timings report for 1 of the servers:

The reloading of the whitelist is for my personal application of realtime access (removing access and adding access at a whim) - is there another way to do this without reloading the whitelist?

I can definately change this to not reload as often, but the plugin has minimal impact on the server

Get a better host/server. Your hardware is bad and cannot handle the server.

Thanks for the response, are you suggesting more ram is required / more CPU cores? or the hardware is not consistent and thus cannot give output a consistent service?

Everything you outlined. Recommended hosts are extravm, dedicatedmc & bloomhost for normal shared hosting or phoenixnap, ovh, hetzner for dedicated.
You have a pretty high timingscost indicating bad/unfitting hardware. 3GB Ram are very little for modern mc, you want to use 4 - 6. You have 2 core, MC is largely singled threaded so you want strong single core performance, however, Paper can make use of more cores.

Thank you for this. Really appreciate the insight! Who would you reccomend as the best provider for maximum configurability? (eg multiple open ports etc)

Personally I’m always going for dedicated, where OVH always served me well, because I don’t need support with my server and know how to administer it myself. However, any of the ones listed are fine. You can always ask on their discord for specific questions making sure they cover your use case.

You’ve been immensly helpful thank you!

Hey there, I am wondering if Bloomhost vps is as good as OVH, It seems that the hardware offered by Bloomhost may be more aligned with running a MC server than OVH which seems to be more generic like Linode for instance. Is this correct?