Here is what you can expect with 1.14.4 (and optimization suggestions)


You have the greater than 3000 entities issue too. I would recommend removing…

React (lag performance plugin)

I would modify your bukkit.yml to refect…

monsters: 20
animals: 5
water-animals: 2
ambient: 8

instead of what you have:

monsters: 55
ambient: 3
animals: 12
water-animals: 12

Plus - Make sure your view-distance in is set to 6, unless you have it set it spigot.yml. Change it in both locations.

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Performance really improved TPS at 20 with 16 people right now, but I hope these erros get fixed soon because I’ve reduced a lot of game features and removed plugins :frowning:


Awesome. It’s refreshing to know that my troubleshooting and narrowing down the cause of lag on my server (and the countless hours spent doing that) and what I thought the cause was, indeed is what it is. Hopefully, others will post if this indeed helped them too.


Feel free to add back SkinRestorer and see how it goes. If things are still smooth sailing, then go ahead and put back in Citizens and the other related plugin and see how it goes. I was hit and miss with Citizens plugin on my server. It seemed fine for awhile and then as the player count went up, the TPS started dropping and I’d remove Citizens and things would return to normal. I’m not a a plugin developer, but it seems that Citizens has some interaction going on with everything being done on the server, and perhaps with a NPC plugin, that is the only option, but doesn’t seem like that would really be the case.

View Distance and Mob numbers alone, might be good enough to increase your TPS. But any LAG plugin or stacker plugin, is going to be added processes to monitoring entities that is already horribly programmed, so the last thing you want to do is to put something else into the mix that either increases entities, or something that is snooping in on entities like a lag plugin.

Unfortunately with 25 people the went back to 14.65 :(, even with view-distance set to 1. This version is really bad for servers.
Thank you for the help, I will re-add plugins to see what happens.


Like I mentioned in my original post… you will see lower TPS numbers with more players, but you may not see actual game-play performance issues. Honestly, I’m quite peachy if TPS is 10 and no one is complaining of lag and I’m not noticing it either. I feel weird saying that, having run a server for 6+ years, but it is what it is.

It’s probably unrealistic to expect more than 30-35 players on a server without major lag. If your server is unusable over 20 players, then set your cap at 20.

Server CPU and Memory at some point are a factor in all of this as well, but doesn’t seem to be a game changer to overall expectations of how 1.14 performs.


Anyone viewing this thread for considerations on what to do with their server optimization… as of this post (it may not be an issue in a week or 3 months from now), these plugins have major impact on improving overall server performance when removed…

a) AsyncWorldEdit
b) Citizens
c) Any LAG reducing or Entity Stacker plugin (WildStacker, SAML, etc)
d) Any Anti-Cheat plugins (these are very intrusive and creates a lot of overhead you need)


I want to point out that on my server citizens isn’t causing lag but mob farms / mine able spawners plugin which killed my performance . With 15 people I’ve got 20 tps roc stablé with some serious clocks and view distance is set to 8 . Im on a Threadripper 1900x and 32 gigs of ram and an Nvme . If it can help ^^

Hey, you know how you can help this server? I have fewer and fewer ideas …

Hello! I have lag problems on the server, I have seen that you look a little above what people send you and I was wondering if you would have some time to take a look at mine …
Here the link:
Thank you.

I’ve also noticed this. Server ran fine on 1.13.2. Now on 1.14.4 we’re down to 12 TPS but gameplay doesn’t seem to take that big of a hit.

Update your Paper server file.

¿What Paper File?

He’s talking about paper.jar.

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  1. I recommended other Auto Messages plugin, or contact poma123 and report is plugin high resource usage.
  2. Update Citizens2 plugin.

Hello i have problem in minecraft , first days i played minecraft i didn’t have any problem but after few days i join servers with high ms , i already have good connection speed so please help.

I have experienced many delay problems even after having made several optimizations, does anyone have any recommendations? As mentioned, the main problem seems to be the entities.
These are my timings:

Thanks for this information. It is useful. Also you may refer math site guide. It’s useful too.

Can someone please tell me why the TPS is SO low? i made all these changes to my bukkit, spigot and paper yml and i have plugins to optimise the TPS, but it’s still so low

12 players online

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Buenas tengo un servidor alquilado en fluctis de 1gb , solo lo alquile para 2 personas algo ligero , y comenzamos a jugar el skyblock 4.04 todo bien , pero pasado unas 4 semanas el servidor solo permitia a 1 de los 2 jugadores cuando ingresaba el otro se generaba el lag y salian un monton de comando en la consola web que no entiendo , alguna idea!?