Help with timings

Hi to all!
I got a problem with my server.
I got a low TPS, from what i can see, it seems that my datapack is involved, BUT the problem is that it was working well a few month ago (before 1.17.1…) with the exact same plugins and datapack.
Can someone throw a look at it and give me its reading/analysis?
The server was running well with 1.16 even on a raspberry pi… Now i got TPS drops on a AMD Ryzen 5800X @ 4.7Ghz…

The timings :

Thanks for your help.

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You are very far behind on Paper updates (over 100 builds behind). I would start off by updating Paper to the latest version.

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i had done this but there is a bug ( that forced me to roll back. This was not better with the latest version (that was a week ago).

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severely outdated versions are still basically unsupported, no matter the reason for not using them
but, 2 second look shows that the server was performing fine and then all of a sudden shit the bed, the timings cost, which is a measurement of how fast the CPU can do stuff, is like 3x higher than it should be on decent hardware, sounds like the machine got too noisy or something

I’ve updated with the latest version that fixes my problem with datapacks, and redone a timings report : can someone tell me where the problem seems to come from?

  1. Your timings cost is widely different between the two timing reports, suggests overloaded hardware
  2. outdated JVM flags (red link)
  3. You’re not meeting your mob spawn targets, something is basically preventing them from spawning or messing with the counting behind that, so your server is spending a good chunk of time trying to spawn mobs
  4. See 1, you had some ticks where the server was severely overloaded from the looks of it

Thanks! What can i say to my hoster to prove that the server is overloaded?

I’ve made a test, disabling all the plugins by adding .old to their extension, changing my base world folder to testperfworld to create a new one… This is the result :