Help with 1.14.4 TPS Lagg when loading chunks [Timings report]


I run a 1.14.4 Factions server with a playerbase up to 10 players so far and we are struggling with TPS.
My assumption is that there is something wrong with how chunks load and unload(or don’t unload) and entity tick checks. I was still not able to find a solution to the problem.

I had tried various optimization guides in all of the standard configs and I’ve configured my plugins.
I removed my anticheat plugin because we struggled with TPS so much that I couldn’t give any more resources into it.

There isn’t a problem with hardware because we barely hit 3000 MB of RAM and max 15% CPU at times when our TPS is dying - in short we have low TPS wether our resources are being used to the max or barely being used.

We have 2 worlds, a spawn world (which is a 1.12 world from my old server, which might be important to note) with some builds and a main playing world.

There are also MASSIVE lags when people teleport to the nether through portals, there is also a huge amount of lag stemming from essentials teleportation ( I assume it is because players load a large amount of these so called 1.14 glitched chunks).

Some of the options I had in mind right now were blocking some of my plugins such as /wild, installing mobstacker plugins to prevent mob tick lagg and maybe finding some chunk unloading plugin (where chunks that were not entered into in a long time would unload from the RAM - maybe you guys could know one that could help) and I also thought about moving my spawn from a 1.12 world into a 1.14 world as a last resort since I don’t know how much of an impact that would have.

I also have a timings report from last night, if someone could have a look and tell me if there is something I could do to reduce the TPS lags

Thank you in advance,
Mason14, AnarchyCraft server owner.

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