[Help] Server Crashes Without Error MSG


so in short i made a new server & never crashed while i was “doing” it, i opened the server for public 2 days ago and it crashes randomly. the server already crashed like almost 10 times in less than 24 hours.

i checked every log before it crashed, and none of them show an error msg, the server just shut down (screen is terminating on putty)

Hosting: Vultr VPS 4GB (Singapore)

OS: Debian 9 x64 (stretch)

Memory: 4GB

My Java version: [spoiler][ATTACH=full]422033[/ATTACH] [/spoiler]

My Startup: [spoiler][ATTACH=full]422035[/ATTACH][/spoiler]

Log before server crash (actually its from server startup until crash, since it sometimes happen every 10 mins or so):

My plugin [spoiler] [ATTACH=full]422052[/ATTACH]


Things i did before this random crashes happened (ones i remember): [spoiler]

  • adding SkinRestorer plugin (& disabling CMI skin)

  • Disable “fly” flag with /rg, on my PlotSquared generated world

  • Updating this plugin & change the “enable world” : [spoiler]https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/dont-break-the-block.66852/updates[/spoiler]

  • Disabling Built in Paper xray (since it seems not working)

  • Installing OreReplacer plugin (now uninstalled because it apparently replaced most of the diamonds on my server)

  • Instling Orebfuscator4 (by the times i installed this, the crashes already happened, i dont really remember about the rest above)

  • change the value of WildStacker’s config: from 300 to 500


Here you can configurable all features related to the kill-all task.

Every run, the plugin will remove all the stacked entities from your server.

No drops will be drops, and it won’t lag your server at all


# How much time should be passed between auto-killing? (in ticks)

# If you wish to disable the auto-killing task, set the interval to 0

interval: 500[[/quote]


This is a new server and i got some old online friends playing, and some of them started leaving because of the crashes.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. :)

thank you in advance.


Please format posts for the site instead of copying and pasting, was only able to read its contents over on Spigot as you’re missing attachments and such, https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/help-server-crashes-without-error-msg.371583/

You’re over-allocating memory, if you run dmesg on your server, I’m pretty sure that you’ll see the OOM killer being invoked. What’s worth noting is that when you have a 4GB vps, a good few hundred MB of that will go to the base OS, leaving you with about 3.5G of ram, - about 0.5-0.7G if you’re running MySQL, That leaves you with about 3G, maybe slightly less; Now, java itself needs memory outside of the heap (Which is the region of memory set by the Xmx and Xms values), leaves you with enough space to allocate 2-2.7G depending on how much you wanna push it