Hello, I would like to ask you for a favor

I have a mc server for a little over 1 month, I have only configured it I do not consider myself an expert but I try to inform myself and ask for help when necessary. Sorry for my English, I am using google translate.

In summary, I think that the TPS of my server is stable but my users complain that sometimes the ping is unstable and I don’t know if it is a problem with the server configuration or maybe with my hosting, that’s why I would like help.

Thank you

Timings: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=0d5a71f4d46348c886f3744bed6795fc

it’s not config problem at all, but problem is your network. get better network

thanks for your reply, is there anything I can improve on my current setup?

Who’s your host? I’d contact them about it, since they have people who are hired to answer your questions whenever you need.

my host is: https://accuratenode.com/

I’d check and see if your plugins (etc.) are optimized, since that could be a factor, how many GB do you have?

i bought 4gb but i am using 3gb on server due to aikar flag recommendations

Then I think it may have to do with the host, and not the server jar.

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Check out these chunks. no actually just go to paper/spigot and change cramming to 5. or do /gamerule maxEntityCramming 5. should help a bit.

1536,-1024 (Area Seen 2 times)
Totals : 145 Entities - 1132 — Tile Entities - Summary:

0,512 (Area Seen 5 times)
Totals : 829 Entities - 683 — Tile Entities - Summary:

512,0 (Area Seen 13 times)
Totals : 453 Entities - 1191 — Tile Entities - Summary:

1024,512 (Area Seen 7 times)
Totals : 708 Entities - 1587 — Tile Entities - Summary:

6656,1536 (Area Seen 9 times)
Totals : 1315 Entities - 1152 — Tile Entities - Summary:

-1536,0 (Area Seen 5 times)
Totals : 780 Entities - 2941 — Tile Entities - Summary:

2048,512 (Area Seen 6 times)
Totals : 974 Entities - 3551 — Tile Entities - Summary:

-512,0 (Area Seen 13 times)
Totals : 827 Entities - 4249 — Tile Entities - Summary:

-512,-512 (Area Seen 13 times)
Totals : 1150 Entities - 7747 — Tile Entities - Summary:

1536,0 (Area Seen 13 times)
Totals : 1156 Entities - 8649 — Tile Entities - Summary:

0,-512 (Area Seen 13 times)
Totals : 2461 Entities - 7420 — Tile Entities - Summary:

3072,0 (Area Seen 13 times)
Totals : 2162 Entities - 9708 — Tile Entities - Summary:

0,0 (Area Seen 13 times)
Totals : 2740 Entities - 10023 — Tile Entities - Summary:

10k is too many entities. perhaps turn off armorstand do entity lookup check (+armorstand tick) as well?

Oh yeah, if it’s with entities, kill them quicker. :smiley:

Thank you very much, I had not realized this, right now that I am making a report I am seeing a total of 16,500 entities

exactly what does that command do and how can I fix it?
I’m sorry I don’t speak English and I can’t quite understand what you want to tell me.

changing the maxEntityCramming gamerule means only that many specified entities can be in a single square before they all start taking damage for being too crammed into that square. the default is something like 24, so imagine 24 chickens allowed in every single square, some areas may be hitting the limit of 24. if you lower this max value it shouldnt be noticeable even functionally in a smasher farms where people purposefully put animals into a single square so when they mate it automatically kills it and drops into a hopper

thank you very much i will try that game rule

about the armorstand tick what did you mean?

Today: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=31d0a0524516406fb00ddad5c9f5cd1f