[ GSA ] LockLogin

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LockLogin is an auth plugin, with google 2FA support and other features…

More info

LockLogin has a lot of security options:

  • Max accounts allowed to register per IP
  • Max accounst allowed to join per IP
  • AntiBot system ( Tested: blocks 99% of bots )
  • 2FA support
  • Pin auth option ( You can use 2FA and Pin system, password login can’t be disabled )
  • BungeeCord support ( with the exact same features )
  • Check for illegal player names
  • Alt account finder

And other features like:

  • MySQL support
  • No MySQL needed for BungeeCord
  • Migration system ( File > MySQL | MySQL > File | AuthMe > LockLogin )
  • Real time logged users info

Getting support

To get support for this plugin you can join our discord using the invitation code: jRFfsdxnJR

Getting help

If you need help, you can view LockLogin wiki:


You can contribute to this plugin in a lot of ways, one is by donating through patreon

If you don’t have money, don’t worry! You can contribute also modifying LockLogin code to improve it, the code is available on github KarmaConfigs/LockLogin


You can download the plugin by clicking here

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It look’s awesome! I can’t find a good authentication plugin nowadays. This was needed thanks!

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