Fluent Per Player Mob Cap

Would it be possible to have an option for the ppmc to be fluent. The mobcap would basically be calculated like this.

(Hard modcap)/ (Amount of online players) = ppmc
e.g. hardcap = 100, online players = 20 --> 100/20 = 5 mobs per player.

I don’t know if this option has been explored yet, but I would love to see it happen if possible!

there is already API available for modifying the number of mobs at runtime, stuff like that doesn’t make sense though, there is no means for balance, what happens if there is 1 player online? what happens if there is 100 players online? there is just 0 scalability when you design something like that

ah, ok. Could you tell me what API that would be then, so we can look into that, and explore this some more :slight_smile: