Fixed: Server Issue on Server

Server Issues: when ever i cross a certain line of block my game freezes, i tested the same world on single-player but it worked just fine, the issue is only on the server. I don’t want to delete the server and start a new one because i had this world for a year+

Freezes for how long? Can you still move and get rubberbanded back, or can you not move at all?

freezes for like 15-20 seconds and worst case kick me out of the server because “flying is not enable” (when im using elytra)

All I can think of is a combination of a slow PC and this bug but maybe someone else will have an idea. Any client-side mods?

no client-side mods, and i have a mediocre-good pc

We need more information about the server, e.g. log files, plugins list, server version