Fishing rod bug (still not solved)

I found a really cool mechanic on youtube, here it is:
I tried to use it on my papermc server but it didn’t work. The fishing bobber doesn’t “stay connected” wen iIcome back trough the nether portal.
I’ve done some research and here’s what I’ve found:
Works on Vanilla and bukkit servers, works on spigot when changing “entity-activation-range: misc : 32” to -1 in the spigot.yml but it doen’t work on papermc when i set that same option in the spigot.yml to -1.
Does anyone know a solution to this because it would be awesome if I could use this on my survival multiplayer server. Also this might just be a papermc/spigot bug and if so, should I create a bug report?

Edit: i did this o na test server so no plugins ore datapacks were involved. The only real thing i have noticed yet is that on paper the armor stand takes longer to load then on spigot. This might have something to do with it but idk.