Error in Log PID 36

Hi there, I have the follwing error in log. I would appreciate if anyone could help me solve this problem:

Looks like your server is overloaded after running the /spawn command. Is there any possibility you could tell me what plugin you are using for that?

Sure this one:

But the issue doesn‘t seem to be command related. I got this when even no one was online

looks like either slow disk or just general overload, try looking at timings, but, info on hardware would be nice to know here, as there are fears of a toaster here

Here are my timings:

Unfortunately I can‘t tell much about hardware cause the Gameserver is hosted by ZAP.

My hoster did already check the SSD and told me everything is fine.

I already let my hoster migrate my gameserver to another host system, but I don’t think the issue changed:

every single one of your dumps is the server stalling while trying to read/write from the disk

So it is 100% safe the disk or could it be an issue with a config or plugin or anything else which is wrong with my setup?

Technically it is possible that it is something else, but unlikely.