Dream-style Manhunt


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Made by Eric (yoonicode.com)
Github: yummypasta
Minecraft: i18n

Inspired by Dream on YouTube

How It Works

Three teams: Hunters, Runners, and Spectators
Hunters try to kill the runners before they beat the enderdragon. Runners must beat the enderdragon before they get killed once!


  • Compass tracking: Right-click with your compass to choose who to track, then the compass will point to that runner!
  • Portal tracking: If a runner is in the nether, the compass will track their last-used portal!
  • Teams assignment: Automatically assigns in-game /team to distinguish between players with colors!
  • Discord integration: Optionally integrate with Discord for extra features!
    • Auto role assignment: Automatically assign Discord roles according to teams
    • Music player: Automatically (or manually) play music in your Discord voice channel that mirrors the action happening!

Instructions For Use

  • Download the latest release from the Github link up top.
  • Move the .jar to your plugins folder.
  • Make sure your config file is up to date and has all the required options.
  • Assign roles with /speedrunner, /hunter, and /spectator.
  • If you want automatic music, type /music auto now.
  • Type /start!
  • After the headstart period is over, hunters should be able to start tracking runners by selecting someone to track by right-clicking with their compass.

Note: teams are not persistent between server sessions— if you shut down the server you’ll have to re-assign teams and type /start again.

Discord Setup Instructions

  • Create a Discord app from the Developer Portal (discord [dot] com/developers/applications).
  • Add a Bot under the bots tab.
  • Take note of your Client ID (in the General Information tab) and your Token (under the Bot tab).
  • Go to the following link, replacing 123YourClientID456 with your client ID: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?scope=bot&client_id=123YourClientID456&permissions=8
  • Select the Discord server to add your bot to.
  • Add your Client ID and Token to the respective fields in the config file.
  • Go to your Discord server, and add the following values to the config file, in accordance with the table above (you can Right Click > Copy ID if you turn on Developer Mode in Discord settings!)
    • the ID of your server
    • the ID of the voice channel you want your music to play in
    • the ID of the hunter, runner, and spectator Discord roles you want to be automatically assigned

Note: For auto-role-assignment to work, each Discord user’s nickname for your Server must be set to their Minecraft username.


  • /speedrunner <username>: Assign speedrunner role
  • /hunter <username>: Assign hunter role
  • /spectator <username>: Assign spectator role
  • /start: Start the match
  • /end: End the match
  • /compass: Give yourself a compass
  • /music: Controls the Discord music
    • /music list: Gets a list of available tracks to play.
    • /music <trackname>: Plays a specific track by nickname and turns off auto-music.
    • /music stop: Stops all music playing and turns off auto-music.
    • /music auto: Turns on auto-music, which plays different tracks based on game events and hunter/runner distance.
    • /music forceupdate: Forces the music to update to match the current hunter/runner distance. Use /music stop first if a special event track is playing.

Configuration Options

Edit the plugins/MinecraftManhunt/config.yml file with the following options:

Key Description Type Required?
headStartDuration How long the hunters should get blindness and slowness when the match starts. int Required
compassEnabledInNether Set to true to allow the compass to work in the nether. boolean Required
enableDiscord Set to true to turn on Discord integration. Read below for more information. boolean Required
discordToken Enter the token of your Discord bot here. string Required if enableDiscord is true
ip The Discord status message portion. Will display as Playing on {value} so it’s recommended that you make this your server’s IP. string Required if enableDiscord is true
discordServerId The ID of your Discord server that the bot is on. string Required if enableDiscord is true
musicChannelId The ID of the voice channel that the bot should play music on. string Required if enableDiscord is true
hunterRoleId The ID of the role to assign to Hunters. string Required if enableDiscord is true
runnnerRoleId The ID of the role to assign to Runners. string Required if enableDiscord is true
spectatorRoleId The ID of the role to assign to Spectators. string Required if enableDiscord is true


Permission Description Recommended level
minecraftmanhunt.hunter Allow /hunter command everyone
minecraftmanhunt.speedrunner Allow /speedrunner command everyone
minecraftmanhunt.spectator Allow /spectator command everyone
minecraftmanhunt.clearteams Allow /clearteams command operators
minecraftmanhunt.start Allow /start command operators
minecraftmanhunt.end Allow /end command operators
minecraftmanhunt.compass Allow /compass command everyone
minecraftmanhunt.music Allow /music command. Note that music commands can also be typed in Discord, meaning anyone in the server can issue this command. everyone

Advanced: Developing

  • This project uses Maven. To build, run the package script.
  • Pull requests and Issues are welcome!

Made With

  • Bukkit/Spigot plugin library
  • JDA: Java Discord Library
  • LavaPlayer: Audio Player for Discord
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everything worked fine but compass keeps saying tracking null??

i unistalled the plugin but how do i clear my name from gren

You can use the /clearteams command that the plugin provides, or, if you’ve already removed the plugin, use /team remove hunters, /team remove spectators, and /team remove speedrunners to clear name colors.

thank you