Double carpet trick not working

The double carpet trick hasnt worked on our server since we updates to paper 1.16.2, and has continued into 1.16.3

Do you mean carpet duping? If so, see:

Having problems with TNT Duping, Bedrock Breaking or Sand Duping Vanilla Exploits?
See: for information.

No it’s the thing where villagers and other entities regard double carpets as an impenetrable. It’s useful for herding mobs but no longer works on our server.

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Does it work on spigot still? or vanilla even?

I have the same issue, the weird thing is that it still works with my old trading hall, but not with a new one

This isn’t paper specific actually, have the same issue on Fabric 1.16.2, have no idea why people aren’t talking about this if it’s Java wide.