Does PaperMC drop ticks?

Hey there,
I’m not (yet) using PaperMC but rather wanted to ask a question beforehand.

I’ve been made aware of Spigot dropping ticks sometimes, especially when the server is under heavy load. This would break some Redstone builds, since they’re heavily reliant on every single tick being executed.
Vanilla, as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t do that but rather delays those ticks - essentially slowing down the game - until it was able to execute them.
Is this behaviour of ticks getting dismissed also the case for PaperMC? If yes, is there any way to reliably prevent that?

Best regards and thanks in advance!

No we do not. that was forcefully removed from Paper and we are very passionate about Spigot being bad for that reason.

We won’t even provide an option to restore it.


Does this mean complicated redstone contraptions that need precise timing like blast chambers and tree farms will work perfectly on paper? or there is still some sync issues

My own players have surely been using tree farms for ages yes.
Don’t know what a blast chamber is though.

Outside of TNT duping being default disabled (you can enable piston dupes in paper.yml) redstone should be pretty normal.

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@Aikar not sure if you still don’t know what a blast chamber is
but it’s something that you build to work with for example a tree farm
it also uses complicated redstone timing and is reliant on every single tick being executed
if ticks are skipped it will break the design
i’ve recently built ilmango’s design and it keeps breaking
checking the comments - everybody blames spigot
can you advise?