Custom forked plugin wont display color text over telnet but works in spigot

Hi, I’ve been working on a fork of RemoteBukkit for about a week now with the name TelnetMC, I’ve fixed all the errors and got everything working good and functioning as intended, however on Paper instead of getting color codes it displays strange Unicode characters followed by the number of the color like this(“┬º6” the 6 being gold) but they display perfectly in Spigot and Bukkit.
I’ve rewrote it in a few alternative ways and each have the same problem when used in Paper, The plugin uses apache’s log4j and i have read something about that can cause problems with color in Paper but was unable to find any details on that, It’s a fairly straight forward project if anyone could take a look at it here

I’ve asked for help from some other java developers who have all been unsure what the issue could be, they told me “it slightly out of scope but it seems to be the color coding and stuff that paper is using”.

The code’s a little messy for now due to all the modifications I’ve been attempting recently to no success, that and I’m still learning java after only working with Delphi for a long time, so it’s been a big change for me, I’ve been maintaining several projects to teach myself with and help other people who use them and haven’t had any issues with paper until this strange one…
sorry if this question is too obscure but I’m completely lost now, any help would be much appreciated but is okay if not, Thank You!

Diagnostics done:
Compiled it with Paper API for 1.12 - 1.16 all with the same result
Ensured it is running in UTF8 encoding
Tested on Windows Linux and Mac (MacOS Shows “&6” as appose to “┬º6”)
tested with Java build’s 8, 11 and 16
rewrote the code several times in alternate ways
many different telnet clients tested