Custom crafted arrows with effects

I’ve been trying to add custom arrows to my plugin. Through either enchantments or the tipped arrows potion effect I’d like to be able to create the desired effect.

My problem is that I can add enchantments but not access them once the arrow is fired.
For the alternative I can get the effect from the arrow once it’s fired but I can’t seem to add the potion effects when creating my custom recipes since the addCustomEffect is only accessible on TippedArrow. And I can’t cast item to TippedArrow.

For enchantments I have pretty much found nothing that takes me close to my goal. For potion effects on arrows I’ve found a few different things, all pretty much include casting, however it’s from old threads and doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Would be great if anyone had a soloution or at least some ideas :slight_smile:

Use this to find the itemstack the arrow came from and compare lore or something?

Actually, this might not work, so if you’re advanced enough you could potentially create a custom arrow with NMS and check if the fired arrow is an instance of that custom arrow.