Crash server minecraft fix pls c c c c c. C c c c c pls fix this error

  1. You’re not even using a supported version
  2. Your issue is due to a plugin making a network request on the main thread if that’s accurate, shamefully you’re missing features which lets people dig into this better

[07:32:25] [PaperSpigot Watchdog Thread/ERROR]:
[07:32:25] [PaperSpigot Watchdog Thread/ERROR]:         net.square.utils.EthernetAPI.getCountry(
[07:32:25] [PaperSpigot Watchdog Thread/ERROR]:         net.square.machine.Machine.onJoin(

But what plugin could it be?

I pulled out the stack trace of the offender for you, you’d need to take a look at your plugins list or something and work out which one it could be from that

pls help