Commands not showing


At the moment, players are able to type “/home”, “/tpa” and other such commands, but the commands show up red as if they don’t have the permission to do the commands. These commands work for the player, but it does cause some confusion. Any insight on this issue would be much appreciated.

My Plugins are…
DiscordSRV, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, GriefPrevention, LuckPerms, MyCommand, NerfPhantoms, TAB*, Vault, Votifier, VotingPlugin, WorldEdit, WorldGuard
I’m on PaperSpigot 1.14.2 rn. Also, this issue arose after I updated EssentialsX and went from Spigot 1.14.2 to PaperSpigot 1.14.2


Any chance you’ve disabled tab completion in spigot.yml?


Moved to the correct forum for ya.