Chunk Loading Glitch


I am making a plugin, and one of its features is the ability to create many worlds on one server. However, in one of these worlds, a certain area seems to be very glitchy. When I join that world (and my plugin loads my last position), I am just floating in the void. I can’t move very well, and I cannot see any blocks. Sometimes the server also crashes. I can tell that the chunks are at least somewhat loaded server-side, as I can place and pick up water with a bucket. This issue also only seems to happen occasionally, and only in a specific spot.

My plugin uses Player#teleport(Location) to teleport the player. I also tried loading the chunk beforehand with Chunk#addPluginChunkTicket(Plugin) (this seemed to work for a bit, but then the bug happened again).

I am using Paper git-Paper-“47605b8” (MC: 1.17). I also regularly update to the latest version

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Nvm I found the information (reported issue on papermc)