Chunk.getEntities() does not find any entities

I want to get the entities in a chunk and .remove() them. I loop through Chunk.getEntities() and .remove() but nothing happens.

Before, I tried looping through World.getEntities() and removing the ones I wanted, but this only works when a player is near to the entity I want to remove. Even Chunk.load() does not fix this.

Here is my current code:

//Remove armor stands and villagers
	Chunk queenChunk = Bukkit.getWorld("world").getChunkAt(91, 72);
	//		queenChunk.load();
	//		queenChunk.setForceLoaded(true);
	//		for (Entity entity : Bukkit.getServer().getWorld("world").getEntities()) {
	for (Entity entity : queenChunk.getEntities()) {
	if (entity instanceof ArmorStand || entity instanceof Villager) {

Mojang changed how entities work in 1.17 and they’re no longer stored on the chunk and basically generally load later, easier to check for the entity load event