Can we find a named animal's coordinates using minecraft saved game files?

Hello Paper community.

Is there an easy way to locate the coordinates of a name-tagged animal or entity using the Minecraft saved game data files?

Thank you.

There might be a faster way (and I’d love to know it) but this method works for me. If where you think the entity is loaded, you can run /debug report It’ll save a .zip in your server files in the debug folder. Download that and then unzip.

Navigate to the entities.csv file and open in Excel etc. look under the Display Name/Custom Name tabs to see your entity. Coords are listed as well.

Thank you ScreamingMonk!

I ran the debug report. It lists all the entities in active chunks. Finding named entities is easy enough with the cvs file.

I just have to get a user to the chunk where the entity was lost and run the report. If the animal hasn’t wandered into a different chunk as a result of player activity in it’s local; it should be easy enough to find.

I am wondering how long a period of time that a named entity is remembered by the server. I noted that a legacy named entity that was terminated isn’t listed in the report as being: dead. I guess I’ll have do some research on the use of debug.

Thank you again for your assistance. Hoplefully we’ll be able to reunite a user with it’s long lost favorite named donkey and luggage.

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