Can waterfall hide server ip?

I am running a Minecraft paper server on a home pc. This pc is powerful and if I rented a server it would cost me a couple hundred a month. My question is can I rent a server with 2 gigs of ram and use it as a hub with waterfall installed. When the players connect to my home server through the hub is my ip safe? I don’t want to give out my home server ip for obvious reasons, so would this help mask/hide the servers ip?

Yes, as long as your home network is static IP (Public IP)

Technically - you wont be able to “hide” you server IP-completely unless you let your players connect to it with some sort of proxy.
However, you can make it more difficult for them to figure it out with the use of SRV-records in your DNS.
You can do something like this:

SRV records do nothing to make it “complex”, it’s an extra record request in which you’re praying that most people being arses are idiots (Which, I mean, there is some level of logic to that…)

The proxy (waterfall) will not expose any backend IPs on its own, the connection between the proxy and the server is invisible to clients, and on that note, it doesn’t matter if your IP address is dynamic and changes often, you just have to keep the IP on the proxy updated (stuff like dynamic DNS can be used to address this, just, you /really/ gotta keep those records secure and out of public knowledge)