Can paper work better with chunks?


Hello im currently using spigot 1.13.2. I have this issue. Basically some donors use /fly and fly around for hours loading up lots of chunks to the point the server crashes. If I switch to paper would that fix that issue?


We have a configuration option for this very thing, to prevent players moving into unloaded chunks


whats the option called?




alright that seems to work, ty. One other question, basically when i used spigot my ping was about 100-130 but since i switched to paper its 26. Is paper correct or spigot? also seems when i do /spawn/ warp, etc it loads up much faster with paper.


I’ve got some changes in paper which improves the reliability of keepalives and their initial value, the first keepalive is delayed for a while, as opposed to being sent immediatly, which produces a much more accurate ping value, especially if your players can connect within a suitable timeframe, spigots will slowly climb down to the true value; Spigot also processes keepalives on the main thread, where as we’ll process them as they arrive, meaning that you lose the delay of it being scheuled onto the main thread too

paper has async chunk loading (craftbukkit had it prior to 1.13, however spigot removed this during the update to 1.13, Aikar basically re-implemented this in Paper 1.13), which means that we can load chunks around the player using multiple threads and send them off to the player as needed, as opposed to spigot which will be sending each chunk and blocking the thread while it does that