Buggy spawnpoints on server

Hi,I run a little private server for few friends, I have plugins installed for the ease of the server but we have been experiencing a strange issue I can not get fixed.

When the players on the server set their spawn in their beds it does not respawn them at their beds, instead it respawns them at world spawn, I’ve attempted to use /setspawn and /spawnpoint commands to set it, it gives me a confirmation that the spawn point has been set, but you end up respawning at world spawn anyway.

List of plugins I have installed:

EssentialsGeoIP(Removing most likely)

I can submit more information if required.

I have resolved the issue, if anyone is experiencing this issue, let me know and ill let you know what the issue was

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I have the same issue on my server. I’d love to hear how you fixed it.

Was it a problem with a plugin or something else?