Big TPS problem


I have a huge TPS problem, and frankly I do not know what to do.

I use a vps or I install java 8, I put my server minecraft and I allocated to it 14GB RAM, it’s a server pvp faction and I have a lot of plugins, even if I did Sort it today, it’s all useful to me.

My problem after what I understood is because of this: “Minecraft::Full Server Tick”

If you have ideas I listen to you. I will be very very grateful to the people who will help me.

I just made a little timings, here is the link:

Then I put you in SPOILER below the logs and the spigot.yml!

Spigot.YML : or / for the log

I am sorry if my message lacks vocabulary but I am French so the translation must not be perfect.


I recommended disable-move-event: false set to true in Paper.yml.

Eww, you’re using 1.8.8! You need to upgrade.

no no ! I love 1.8.8 !!

Ok, thank you, i go look this

I can not find what you told me in the file paper.yml

I’m sorry. The 1.8.8 is very old. The Paper added this option on future builds.
You need to update your server version if you use this option.
If you don’t update your server try search many hoppers and break.

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