Big list o’ Paper Features: Serveradmin Edition


This thread is a work in progress, check back later to see the full version!

Hey guys,

I thought I could use the new forum as a opportunity to create a one stop location for a overview of all the stuff paper adds, for both developers and server admins .
This thread is the server admin and lists all paper changes that could be interesting to server admins, with links to the patches.
Click here to get to the developer version: Big list o' Paper Features: Developer Edition

Heres the list:

  • todo

And thats it! Those are all of the awesome things you as a server admin can benefit from by using paper!
If you got any questions to individual patches, open a thread or just comment down below.
If you find a broken link, a wrong summery, a missing patch or anything, comment down below, help me keep this beast updated :smiley:


You’re missing all of them!


Pppff, I only created this thread so that I could put the link in the other thread and call that one mostly finished :joy: