[BetterNav plugin] the coordinate system reinvented: navigate to waypoints or even players

BetterNavigation is a Spigot plugin that guarantees a better navigation experience for Spigot servers! It aims to improve localisation in multiplayer by enabling navigation to saved waypoints on the world or even players!. BetterNavigation strives to be the best navigation plugin out there by providing great support, offering the most features and great customizability.



/bn shows explanation of the commands

/getlocation or /toggle toggles the coordinate messages in the action bar

/savelocation or /save saves a specific location on the map

/showlocations or /showpossiblelocations shows a list of all saved locations

/showcoordinates or /getcoordinates shows coordinates of a saved location

/del deletes a location

/nav or /goto starts navigation to a specific waypoint

/navplayer starts navigation to player

/stopnav stops navigation

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