Best way to stop Xray

How can I stop xray texture packs?

Check out

Enable anti x-ray in your paper config

The most important thing to block Xray texture packs that only show cave ores, is to add - air to hidden-blocks in engine-mode: 2, as described in the recommended settings, that others have already linked above. Be aware that this can lead to client FPS drops for all players.

Now this just makes it so they can’t see it, it doesn’t exactly kick them does it

no. if you want to actually “detect” it, you need some kinda plugin that checks like diamond mined and calculates the probability that that was normal or smth like that.

but papers anti-xray (by stonar96!) basically makes everybody unable to cheat, so if they try they will quickly find out its not possible/worth it, and either play normally or just leave