Best RTP plugin for Paper?


A simple question here. Anyone have any recommendations for a good randomTP plugin? I need one that supports 1.13.2.

I’m already using an RTP plugin on my server, but I believe that due to the way the plugin works, it does not utilize Paper’s async chunk loading/generation, so it can end up being quite laggy. I was wondering if there are any plugins that utilize this paper lib in order to get a smoother experience using the command.

Other features that would be nice: worldguard, factions integration, cooldowns, economy integration… etc.



this plugin looks good, however I tested it out a bit and it seems like the worldguard / factionsUUID integration isn’t working correctly for me. Maybe I’m doing something wrong tho. Still, has more/better features than the plugin I’m currently using


How is it not working with the regions? Is globalclaimcheck enabled?


yeah, the config option was enabled. I’m using worldguard 7, beta 5. It was quite rare but using a really small radius to force it to happen more frequently, it teleported me inside of a worldguard region. I dunno if it’s supposed to work like that or not. It also teleported me inside of a faction claim / safezone a few times as well. Obviously I could solve that by setting a more sane radius, which I would do on a live server, but I’d rather not have even a small chance that it could happen aha


Did you try the alternative check?

The check uses events so as long as the plugin blocks the place/destroy event in the region it shouldn’t try to teleport the player there.


I tried it, yeah. Still teleported me inside of the worldguard region & faction claims. Although, you say it’s based on whether or not the player can break blocks there? I guess that would explain it since I am opped on the server, I’ll have to try doing it with less permissions then… good to know :slightly_smiling_face:


Yea being unopped would help, nice catch.