Avg ticks: 0.000 ms

As you can see if you read the title, I’m having problems on my 1.16.5 PaperMC server.
4 GB of ram allocated, and an avg tick of 0 ms. Help is appreciated.


This is the interesting part, 4gb and 0 ticks image

That is a good (if it is not a bug), ticks taking less/no time is good. It should not be 0.000 though, that maybe a bug.

I do not recommend using the server gui anyway, it decreases performance. Add nogui to end of the command you are using to start the server if you don’t want the gui. Aikar’s flags has it by default.

If this is a bug, you can try asking on Discord or opening an issue on GitHub, however, be aware that Server GUI is not a thing Paper has added, it is provided by Mojang. So, if there is a bug, it is Mojang’s job to solve it.

sry, it already got fixed