Appealing Discord Ban (Not a rant)

I was kicked from the PaperMC discord server as a result of my actions, as I had made a joke regarding the release date of 1.16. At the time, it was intended to be funny but in hindsight I can see how this would be perceived as rather annoying and repetitive, as you likely are bombarded with these sorts of questions. I agree that maybe being kicked over this was reasonable, but I came back to talk about the content within the 1.16 update, not even mentioning the release of 1.16 for paper. However, I was asked about it and all I did was simply quote what I had said before, as a result of another member asking me about it. From this I received aggression from moderators saying I was pushing the issue, and they prompted to ban me from the discord server. I felt that this was an unnecessary ban as I hadn’t broken any rules by doing so. Even if toxicity towards other members were a rule, I felt that I was being quite reasonable in the situation and not disrespecting moderators or any other members for that matter. If there was an unspecified rule that I had broken, it would be nice for the discord to have an official channel that states all the rules and their punishments. If anyone truly did feel disrespected by my actions, I am sorry. However I have learned my lesson and was wondering if I could get unbanned from the server, my user being ahamme2330#1868. (And no, this is not a rant, as I have actually taken a day to mull over my actions and not just immediately posting hateful comments out of rage.)

Nice explanation of the situation and I hope you get unbanned.

I do find it interesting how all banned accounts want specific rules written to accommodate a situation. I run my own servers and although I don’t have every rule defined for every situation, common sense and respect should always be applied. Reality check, any account can get banned for any reason written or not. At the same time, lotta “kids” moderate that have very little life experiences and may be short fused.

I can understand not wanting to have a rule page and for some situations this can make sense, as for example toxicity isn’t really a rule that needs to be written down. However when it comes to more specific things that are not common knowledge, how can you expect people to abide to rules that they never knew existed? Its sort of like buying soda with the intention of saving it for a party, while not informing your family of this and then getting mad at them for drinking it. The simple solution would be to write your name on the soda, which would be the discord equivalent of making a rules page. If they still drink the soda then your anger would be justified, but until then the blame would fall on you. Rule enforcement becomes ineffective if members are not given an opportunity to learn the rules.