Anyone ever used a MAC Mini as a server host?

Wondering if anyone used a Intel Based Mac Mini or a M1 Mac Mini as a Minecraft server host? With the new M1 Mac Mini out and being super power efficient it seems like a viable solution. Thoughts?

Lo m8,
Depends on the generation/specs.
The Model from 2010 seems week, but would run for a low amount of users.
The later models looks quite interesting.

We have a dedicated Xubuntu box for our server, but are hosting vanilla 1.17 right now while we wait for plugins and server software to be updated. I’m running a 2018 Mac Mini with a 3GHz 6 core i5 and 32GB RAM and we’re handling 20 players with no problem.

At first I ran it locally on residential internet which wasn’t great, but moving it to an enterprise network with 2Gbps connection eliminated all issues. Have not run into any problems with lag that weren’t related to the network so far. For a smallish server it’s definitely capable - M1s are probably even moreso.

One way you can check is to look at the benchmark score of the CPU. The new M1 mac mini has a very high score.

You can compare it to your current server to determine if you’re gain or lose performance. But as for the memory, both the RAM and hard drive, the macs are known for their very high performance parts. Just shop by the gigabyte. All memory speeds will be very high. You don’t have to worry at all