Any recomendation?

Hi! Im making some sort of Mid-size server. Actually we are between 60 and 100 player.
Im having some HEAVY tps issues. Anyone could give me a hand with this?

This is the setup:
Xeon e5-2689 (3.25Ghz Full load) (i know its not a powerful Singlethread CPU but its what i have and i saw many servers with this cpus and at least 100 players)
32Gb ram
SSD 500gb
30Mbps upload speed

I have some troubles with my Survival server. I allocated 10gb of ram, and trying to reduce the mobs-lag with entitytrackerfix, villager optimizer and mobfarm manager but i cant solve this.
I know someone will tell me that Spartan is consuming a lot, but i already tested it. Used the server for 24hs without it and there was a little (0.5-1) tps increase.
There are my timings:
Edit 10/8:
New timings


Sorry bro, nothing to do here if you have that amount of players