Anti-Hunger Cheat Tripping Flight Cheat Kick

So recently I started to make a anarchy server and I was doing some testing and I was just playing like normal and I turned anti hunger on and my anti cheat plugin was considering it as flying and I’d get kicked

Version 1.12.2 Paper Server

I tested it on 2 plugins and both plugins I would still get fly kicked. Is there a fix for this or possibly a different plugin I can use?

Also is there any plugins that will make sure no one can use the forceop hack?

Plugins I was using

Uhh it’s not a problem with Paper
Not a problem with anticheat either

As I know, in some clients (or maybe all), it says if you use AntiHunger you might get kicked for flight.

AntiHunger spams the “i am not on ground” packet, so the player wont lose hunger, and the anticheat will think that the player is cheating because the player is saying they are not on ground even though they are on ground.

Only forceOP is the one where you download a plugin that ops the players that made it. Dont download pluginst that your players made.

This is the anticheat that most anarchy servers use:

I assume you are using wurst and it is known that some of its hacks may not work even on vanilla servers so i would not be suprised if it had a broken antiHunger.