A question about releases

If this is a dumb question, I’m sorry, I’m really new to Paper but do you do stable releases?
I see multiple releases a day and no tab for “stable” or “LTS” in the Downloads section, should I update the server this often or are there any releases supported for longer?

Paper follows a rolling release cycle, as we don’t have the manpower needed to properly do and support recommended builds or even lts.
This means, every new commit is a new build. This also means, that every new commit is most of the time only tested by two or three people (bigger changes get bigger tests, but that’s not normal). This means, sometimes (thankfully not often) we push a broken build and fix them shortly after.
What this means for you is that auto updating is bad, as you could get a broken build. Not updating is also bad, as you don’t get any fixes or new features or improvements.
What we mostly recommend is that you update once a week, throw the newest build into a test server and check that everything seems to work and then update your server. That is also when you can look if your plugins got updates. It’s like a designated my-server maintinance Monday is whatever ^^


Thank you for a very fast response and providing a great server platform!
Keep up the good work!