A discussion about sand duping

I’ve been reading around about how staff does not want to allow players to change the exploit fix for sand duping, but. Think about it this way, papers goal is to make the experience better for everyone. If they were to allow players to use this feature many players will be more satisfied using this service. Player who do not want sand duping to be allowed just won’t turn on the setting, it affects them in no way. What I’m trying to say is if they turn it on no one is dissatisfied, but by keeping it off i and many other feel a bit limited by this service. I know admins see it as cheating because Minecraft has been trying to fix this glitch but they also didn’t want players breaking bedrock or portal frames, yet paper allowed players to change those setting on and off. So why not allow them to change the rest? This is purely just my opinion.

This has been discussed a few thousand times. See https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/issues/3724#issuecomment-654030198 for why there is no config option.

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I stated that I read a lot about it so I know why it is not a config. I’m saying it would make more people happy if it was a config.

That isn’t paper’s goal though…
Direct quote from Aikar in that issue comment linked above

It is not this projects goal to be 100% vanilla for bugs, or even to provide configs for all bugs.

If your response to that is the goal should change, the answer to that is probably no. I guarantee this has been well thought out.

Yeah I didn’t expect a change I just wanted to voice my opinion. ;(

@Owl_Dusty Perhaps you, or someone else, could write a plug-in to restore this functionality?

I do agree that, if it would be feasible, a plugin to restore the glitch or, even better, to add a reasonable way to obtain sand (eg making husks drop it), would be better, but still worth noting there is a fork here. In the long term, however, it isn’t feasible to keep this exact glitch around, and Paper certainly isn’t going to add and maintain the config, as has been discussed many times.