100% tps loss problem


Hello. I optimized everything who I coded but TPS is still too low on +35 players. Do you guys have any idea about that timing?


I took another timing after remove some npcs



Your mob-spawn-range in spigot.yml is larger than your view-distance. That means when mobs spawn, there is a chance that we will need to do a very slow chunk load on the main thread, degrading TPS.

I optimized everything who I coded

Skript code can’t be optimized. The design of the interpreter simply doesn’t permit for it. I’ll be blunt here: for the best performance, you absolutely need to write your plugins in Java.


Okay, thank you for advice. Have a good day. :slight_smile:


I setted mob-spawn-range to 3 but TPS loss problem is still continuing. I took new timings.