[1.8 - 1.17] Anti-Auto Fishing

This is a simple and lightweight plugin that I created because I personally dislike these farms and i know others do too.

If any tripwires/pressure-plates that are within 1 block of the bob It will consider it an auto-fisher (as autofishers need tripwires/pressure-plates…)

It will replace their not-so hard earned loot with configurable junk. useful, right?


It has a configurable (Default 20%) chance of lobbing TNT at them (The TNT will only affect them. no blocks, no entities)
You can set the damage of it (Default 50hp)

By default It will also tell the player why they’re fishery is considered an Autofisher by displaying a barrier particle effect where the offensive block is in the area.

Note: due to this plugin originally being named FishinRoulette the config folder is likewise FishinRoulette.