[1.8-1.14] Bssentials


Bssentials - The New Essentials

Download on BukkitDev/SpigotMC or download beta builds:
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What is Bssentials

Bssentials is a total remake of Essentials from the ground up! We do our best to provide a great remake of Essentials.

Why use Bssentials instead of EssentialsX?

Essentials was created 8 years ago, and the codebase is a mess. So such a mess with unnessary code, that it took EssentialsX a long time for the 1.13 changes. Essentials is also filled with proformance issues & bad practices.

Remaking Essentials from the ground up also gives us the ability for better performance / less resource-intensive, with newer functionally.


To Build with Maven, use the command mvn package.
To build with Eclipse simply make sure you have the Spigot-API.jar added to the classpath & export normaly.


The EssentialsBridge provides support for the Essentials API The “EssentialsBridge” module is a compatability layer between the Essentials API & Bssentials. Plugins like Vault , ChestShop , GroupManager , EssentialsChat , and others that depend on Essentials will work with Bssentials with out any modifications to them due to the EssentialsBridge


Copyright © 2016 - 2019 Bssentials Contributors under GPLv3


Real Excited for this, hope to use it in 1.14 some day! :slight_smile: