[1.17.1] LiveKit 1.4.3c - Live Map App for iOS & Android

What is LiveKit?
LiveKit is an App (for Android & iOS), providing a new way to interact with your server. At the basis is a Real Time Live Map which provides the perfect overview for you and your players. Furthermore, LiveKit is providing an intuitive UI for administrators to interact with their server and players.

Admin Features
Open Player Inventories (Delete unwanted items)
Give Items
Kick/Ban Players
Change Gamemode
Teleport anyone, anywhere
Full Console Access
Change Weather and Time

How does it work?
once the LiveKit plugin is configured, players can connect to your server via the App by providing the Server IP and LiveKit Port. They can identify themselfs by generating a pin with /livekit claim, and confirming their identity in the App. Actions taken from the app will respect the permissions of the player they identified as.

Fore more Details, check it out on SpigotMC below
LiveKit on SpigotMC