[1.16.X] Manhunt

This is a speedrunner vs hunter plugin inspired by the youtuber “Dream”. To start, simply choose one of the three teams: runner, hunter or spectator. The hunters have the ability to get a compass which points to the next runner. The compass also works in the nether. So you can’t spam the compass you have a certain amount of tokens that recharge after a certain time. These values can be changed in the config file. If you don’t want this feature you can deactivate it also in the config config file.

/team [runner, hunter, spectator]
/compass (only for hunters)

Plugin jar:
(29.08.2020) https://workupload.com/file/zwS3RfeHqVk

Souce code:
If you like to get the source code, please send me a mail at [email protected].


  • (29.08.2020)
    Added a config setting to disable the token feature.
    Fixed a bug where actionbar messages were shown wrongly.

  • (25.08.2020)
    Fixed a bug where the wrong name was shown when switching others teams.