[1.16] Superheroes

What does the Superheroes plugin do?
This plugin gives you, the server owner, the ability to add your very own customized Superheroes! It does this through a modular design of “skills” which can be mix and matched to create whatever you want! Want a skill that isn’t in the plugin yet? Come and suggest it in our discord or make an issue on our github! I am very open to feedback and a very friendly person.

Do not fear if you’re not the creative type though! There are 32 pre-made superheroes bundled with the plugin, all with unique abilities. Take a look!

What superheroes are there by default?

This video showcases all of the powers that were in Superheroes 1, since then there has been three powers added.

Heroes not in the showcase


Spartan is based off of the spartans and their great shield walls, it spawns with a shield that can never be knocked down, even if they use an axe!

It also has the ability to throw arrows like javelins!


Dolphin is your stereotypical water power, you can move quickly through water using Dolphin’s Grace and you can never drown! However, it has the extra flare of being able to eat ink sacs for regeneration and hunger!

Iron Golem

Iron Golem is a remix of the Chicken Superpower and is the sort of thing that is very easy to make in Superheroes2! You have permanent resistance 1, slowness 1 and you occasionally drop an Iron Ingot!

The Heroes

Superhuman - You’re a more powerful human
Mole - You can instantly break certain blocks
Aerosurfer - You can create platforms under you by sneaking + jumping
GravityGuy - When you sneak, gravity is inverted.
Floral - Wherever you look, you create flowers. Right-clicking these consumes them.
Phase - You can phase through the ground whenever you sneak.
Trap - You can trick players with your waifu disguise.
Strongman - You can pick up mobs and throw them
Speedster - You have Speed IV
Gun - You have a gun
Pyromaniac - Wherever you walk and look turns to fire, you are immune to fire.
Repulsion - You can repel other entities by sneaking.
LavaWalker - You have full fire immunity - and can walk on lava.
Chicken - You are, the chicken.
ExtraHeartMan - You have extra hearts and can give absorption hearts to other players
Enderman - You can teleport wherever you’re looking by punching. You get additional enderpearls from killing endermen
Snowman - You never run out of snowballs and you place snow under yourself
KingMidas - Apples are turned to gold. Click on ingot blocks turns them into gold blocks.
Frozone - You can walk on water and every entity around you is slowed.
Eraserhead - When you look at people and sneak, they lose their power. You can see additional information about your opponents.
Creeper - If you hold sneak for two seconds, you explode.
Pickpocket - Right-clicking on players lets you steal from their inventory
Speleologist - Instantly smelt and double ores
Robot - You’re never hungry, you have resistance and night vision but you are damaged by water. Being struck by lightning “powers” you up
Doomfist - You are doomfist from Overwatch
Slime - You can bounce along the floor
Zeus - Punching causes you to strike lightning wherever you look.
Scavenger- You unlock cheaper crafting recipes.
Sorcerer - You can create magical spell books and wield them at the cost of redstone. Sorcerer can use the following books:
“FIREBALL,SNOWBALL,ARROW,LIGHTNING,EGG,WATER,LAVA,FIRE,EXPLOSION,TRIDENT,TRANSMUTATION”, and this is obtained by making a written book named with those names.
How do players obtain these powers?

By default, players gain a power when they log onto the server, although this can be disabled in the config.yml. There is also the option to restrict the powers they can get through this mechanic (and /reroll) to whichever ones they have permission for (permission format is superheroes.hero.nameofhero).

You can also give a player a hero through /hero