[1.16] LaunchMe - Ride atop of projectiles you shoot or throw!

Repository: https://gitlab.com/ASTRELION/launchme
Download: https://gitlab.com/ASTRELION/launchme/-/tree/main/target

LaunchMe is a spiritual recreation and improvement of one of my first programming projects I ever made, BowLaunch for Bukkit. LaunchMe allows you to ride any thrown/shot projectile (including bow arrows) as they fly.

This plugin has no real purpose, it’s just for some fun to use on your server. Though, if enabled only on Ender Pearls it provides an interesting and somewhat realistic game mechanic :).

LaunchMe was built targeting Paper, but it only uses basic Bukkit operations so it will work on virtually any server.

Installation and Initial Usage

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin
  2. Locate your server’s plugins folder
  3. Put LaunchMe-x.x.x.jar in your plugins folder
  4. Reload or restart your server
  5. Load into your server, type /launchme or /lm to toggle launching on
  6. Ride on top of some arrows!
  7. (optional) edit the default config.yml to fit your needs

All permissions are automatically granted to ops
launchme.* - gain all permissions
launchme.launch - the player can launch themselves on projectiles
launchme.toggle - the player can toggle launching on/off for themselves
launchme.nocooldown - the player will have no cooldown between launches