1.16.5 Survival server tps severe loss Seeking solution

Parameter optimization has been performed many times
I can’t understand the reason for lag

Is it a problem with the water flow? If it is how i can solve it


CUP:R7 5800X

I have had similar issues before with water and lava, as far as I know, there is no way of fixing it apart from maybe finding a plugin that optimises liquid updates or just using something like worldedit to just “//drain” any liquids that may cause lag.

My server is a lot of water towers @@

Water flow, Lava flow can cause a lag. since it’s need to recalculate lot of things suck as Lighting
Try to turn that machine off then see the TPS is normal?

Lot of hopper too? try to reduce number of hopper (still less lag than water flow, lava flow)

Also your plugin Residence, even using low %, it has 200M counts in less than 20minutes, would recommend checking that as well.

Finally, check the flags, as it seems you are using outdated version.

good luck